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LWRDPC – Week #3 Feather(s)


I love to watch the Herons in my neighborhood. I only have to cross the street to see some amazing birds hanging out by the neighborhood pond. In the last challenge, I posted photos of the Great Blue Heron catching and swallowing a fish. While I did not capture the Little Blue Heron getting a meal, I did get the Heron about to strike. I noticed that right before the Herons make a strike for food, they ruffle their feathers.

LWRDPC Challenge – Week 1 – Something Orange


Just got back from my last trip to the Smoky mountains for the year on Monday. We were able to catch the Fall leaves almost at their peak. Our weekend getaway got off to a slow start as the Asheville airport was shut down for hours due to over 1,000 Starlings hanging out on the runway. Once we finally landed in Asheville, delays in getting an available gate and a rental car made for an exhausting day. It was all worth it as we had a great Saturday night being entertained by an awesome country musician, Matt Stillwell, and then being in the mountains for an absolutely glorious Sunday.